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Security for humans.

Cyber attacks and online crime is a major threat to the well-being of people in a digitized economy. Online threats are not only putting our money at risk - they are challenging the integrity of democracy and our basic freedoms.

We want every organization to understand how its people is the most important defense against cyber attacks and adverse effects of such attacks. We provide the tools you need to make that reality.

Our tools and services are supporting pillars on the way to a cyber resillient culture in any organization. We believe that awareness training works best when it is relevant and fun, and that the strength of your organization's awareness and security competence should be visible in metrics. Gone are the days of the endless Excel sheets with risk assessments - our security culture based approach makes the path from risk identification to actionable intelligence a highway instead of an impenetrable heap of red tape.

Values that shape our products.

Humanity first.
Culture eats policy for breakfast.
Trust is conditional.

Our team.

Our team has a unique combined competence, from risk management processes, cryptography, psychology and privacy law. Read more about our founders and key technologists below.

Håkon Olsen has background from risk management consulting and IT security. He has experience from leadership and business development positions. You can e-mail Håkon at hakon@cybehave.com.

Lillian Kråkmo holds a PhD in cryptography from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She has experience from advanced risk modeling and IT security consulting, as well as from academia. Lillian is one of our founders and a key technology expert in Cybehave. You can contact Lillian at lillian@cybehave.com

Anders Dahlen Lauvsnes is a licensed psychologist and human factors expert. He has experience from clinical work, as well as from risk management consulting. Anders is our key scientific expert within cognitive sciences and works on integration of human factors theory in our decision models. You can contact Anders at anders@cybehave.com

Stefano Celardo is a qualified privacy lawyer and GDPR expert. He has experience working with leading global technology firms such as Philips and Dyson. You can contact Stefano at: stefano@cybehave.com


Our partners are companies we cooperate with for technology and service development - creating better security services for a wide range of customers.

Sweco logo

Sweco is a leading European consultancy within environmental management, architecture and engineering.

Tryg is a leading insurance provider in the Nordic region. They also provide cyber insurance for SME's and larger enterprises.

TeleG is an IoT telecommunications start-up, providing connectivity solutions for always-online devices with low-to-moderate data transfer needs.